Boudoir Photo shoot, Roseville California

Boudoir isn’t just sexy photos to give as a gift to your significant other. Boudoir is capturing you, at this moment in time in your best light as gift to your self. No matter what your age is right now, in 15-20 years you will look back on these photos and think, dang, I looked good. I know I look back on photos from my early 20’s, photos I thought I didn’t like because I had a “pooch”. I look back 15 years later, and think what pooch? You are crazy. I know I will do the same thing again with my now 35 year old body when I’m 45. So don’t wait. Embrace your self, love your self, you are beautiful just the way you are. You look damn good right now so capture it, bottle it up and save it for another season of your life to look back on fondly.


I always encourage anyone doing a boudoir shoot to do it for them selves. Have your intent to be solely for you. This is empowering. Once you see those photos, yes share, give as a gift to someone you love or share with friends your rocking sexy photos, be proud of them. But do them for you, I can’t stress this enough. Check out this total boss babe who is the GM to two fitness studios and who totally rocked her shoot that she made a point to mention she was doing for her and her alone.



Thank you so much for visiting my blog! As a photographer who photographs a variety of things I can be with you through all of life’s special moments. I believe this really helps me get to know clients and create a lasting relationship. I am there from your wedding day as your wedding photographer, to the hospital when you create your first bundle of joy for a fresh 48 session or a newborn session. Then year after year I can create lasting art to share your families memories and growth through family photos. Bring me on your life journey, I would love to capture all of your moments. I am a newborn photographer, family photographer, wedding photographer, boudoir photographer, milestones photographer, telling lifes stories through my lense.
I love working with natural light, often backlighting my images wrapping you in warm golden sunlight. For this reason we will always shoot just before sunset. I try to keep my sessions fun and relaxed and as un-posed as possible. I enjoy capturing couples and families interacting with each other, creating lasting moments. After all, its about YOU guys and not my camera. I will make sure to take a couple classic style portraits as well but be ready to cuddle, play, dance, and interact with each other!
If you would like to book Becky Leanna Photography feel free to drop me a message on my contact page HERE.
Becky Leanna Photography is located in between Folsom, California and Roseville, California.  Just 25 minutes past Sacramento California. We are about an hour and 25 minutes from Lake Tahoe, California where there is some beautiful scenery as well. If you’re looking for a photographer in the Greater Sacramento Area I would love to work with you!

Becky Leanna Photography

Greater Sacramento Area Photographer Specializing in Boudoir and Family Photography. 

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